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Small business - budget solutions - special offers!

What we've done for small businesses

  • Guidance on finding the right services, like web pages that can be edited without technical know how, or comoplete web site design and maintenance.
  • Install a network server, network applications, workstations, routers, firewalls, wiring, wireless
  • Security - Advise on best practices, anti-virus/maleware software installation, backup and restore, failover planning, power backup/surge protection.
  • Maintenance - Set up and automate or advise on habits in using cleaning up computers.
  • Install/troubleshoot programs, e.g., Microsoft Office 365, free office software, specialized programs (PCLaw, accounting software).

A list of services for small business

  • Providing guidance in setting up web pages, and services, including web page design
  • Installation, maintenance of servers, workstations, routers, firewalls
    Providing encrypted internet communication to guard against snooping.
  • Security software setup, and instruction on security best practices.
  • Application selection and installation - workstation and cloud based.
  • Utilizing cloud based backup and availability applications (Dropbox, Syncplicity) Disaster recovery, i.e., backup and restore. 
  • Creating a plan to balance cost and security in terms of time to recover functionality.
  • Virtual private networks and remote access software to provide access to networks/workstations/servers beyond the physical office. Instruction - focused, general, providing follow up reference materials and video recordings of training sessions.



  • $75 an hour; $50 for remote support; 1/2 off for Denville and contiguous towns; 1/2 off for first service.
  • Satisfaction guarantee:  Pay what you think the service is worth.  If there is any disagreement, simply don't call again, no obligation.


Special offer for small business owners:

Give me the opportunity to learn your business and offer ideas on how to become more efficient or to realize new opportunities - at no cost and no risk to you.  I would simply want your time and cooperation to learn your business.  If you implement any ideas we come up with, AND you make more money or save time, then and only then would we discuss payment. Be curious. 

  • Curious about what business analytics is and whether it can do something for you?
  • Curious about taking advantage of the web to further your business?
  • Curious about how to reduce record keeping time and give your customer a better experience with technology?

973-420-0491, WilliamC@FlagshipCA.com