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I have lot's of experience helping my older family members - adapting computers for their needs and providing instruction and guidance.

What I have experience in...

  • I've done research into 'adaptive technology' - there is a large array of special technologies that can be purchased, as well as a lot of ideas on how to adapt what you have.
  • Hands on, interactive, supportive approach.
  • Examples of technologies - Simplified operating systems, larger/simpler screens, larger keyboards.
  • Face to face support is of course best, but remote support might be useful.  This means either immediate help with a phone call or by appointment.  Make use of immediate help with remote control support over the internet - simply call for an appointment and I can talk on the phone while controlling the computer - providing instruction, demonstration, troubleshooting. 

WilliamC@FlagshipCA.com , 973-420-0491