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Residential - budget solutions

What we've done for home computing

  • Guidance on sharing geneology information with family; geneology website with security (password)
  • Securing computers from virus, hacking, gunk - and providing step by step best practices to avoid issues in the first place.
  • Simple, free ideas on how to back up critical data.
  • Maintenance - Set up and automate or advise on habits in using cleaning up computers.
  • Install/troubleshoot programs, e.g., Microsoft Office 365, free office software, specialized programs.
  • Tweak firewalls, routers, wireless.
  • Backup, restore, disaster recovery, minimizing downtime.
  • Printer and scanner installation/troubleshooting.
  • Training, instruction - general or specialized; face to face, remote.

Some project ideas:

  • Your own family genealogy website, secured with a password! - photos, scanned in documents.
  • Set up automatic cleaning and malware scans when your computer is idle.
  • Set up remote access to your computer when you are away.
  • Set up free backup of your critical documents, and provide accessibility to those documents when you are away from your computer, on your phone or laptop.
  • Set up a virtual machine that allows you to surf the web or click on email attachments without any danger to your computer.
  • Set up inexpensive backup solutions to get your computer configured the way you want it available quickly after a disk failure.
  • Set up your blog (Wordpress)
  • Extend or strengthen wireless networking

Offers and pricing

  • Remote support:  $30 an hour
  • Face to face support:  $60 an hour
  • First visit, either in person or remote, 1/2 off
  • Denville and contiguous towns discount:  1/2 off physical visit
  • Time charged in 15 minute increments; time always rounded down.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - you tell me if you don't think the service was worth the charge - pay what you think it was worth.  If there is any disagreement, simply don't call again, no obligation to pay.


WilliamC@FlagshipCA.com, 973-420-0491