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  • Flagship Computing and Analytics is a DBA for William Colucci, located in Denville, NJ., serving small business and residence computing needs, as well as providing contract services for larger organizations. 
  • The services I offer stands out in light of experience in computer training as well as technical support.  I will always offer beyond fixing immediate problems a suggested best practice, or step by step lists to avoid future problems, and take advantage of additional opportunities. 
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer; Acronis certified backup and disaster recovery engineer.

What sets Flagship apart?

My background is in teaching as well as computer support.  I provide an approach to tech support that leaves clients more informed and more self reliant.  Consider...

An Example?

Malware/virus problems:  Fix it, but show how to avoid it in the future or give you the tools to remediate any ordinary problem yourself.   So, that means fixing the one time threat, but then providing education on how to be safe, automated tools that will clean up and scan for problems in the background and step by step self-help instruction and documentation.

Some questions you might like to discuss

What are my opportunities?

  • Re-tool procedures, saving time and resources?
  • Instruction to take full advantage of applications such as Microsoft Excel and Access?
  • Retain training with reference and step by step materials (written and video)?
  • Is there data relevant to critical decisions that can be gathered and summarized meaningfully?.
  • Questions about emerging technologies, costs/benefits, opportunities/threats?
  • Moving to the cloud
  • Remote access to computers and data outside the office?
  • Automation - Automate system clean up, malware protection?

How does Flagship stand out in providing standard troubleshooting, installation, maintenance services?

... with the added value of instruction, documentation, training and automation to avoid future problems. 

What are my risks and how might that be managed?

  • Backing up data; data security
  • Planning on quick recovery of functional systems.
  • Redundancy
  • Encrypt internet activity to prevent snooping?  Note:  Internet service providers now have a right to record and sell your internet activity.
  • Hacking, internet and social; password protection
  • Firewalls
  • Best security practices.

Is the information I'm using the best possible?  Are there better ways of looking at data relevant to critical decisions? (data analysis)

  • Can relevant data for key decisions be gathered?
  • What are useful ways to summarize and measure?
  • What do the numbers mean for decisions?  Exactly what number, proportion, difference or trend will trigger a different decision?
  • What are the standard practices in using data to support decisions?
  • Can data and analysis made to be easily understood and persuasive?

What are the opportunities and costs of developing knowledge and capabilities?  (instruction) 

Teaching involves less the delivery of material than the understanding of how people learn.  Two critical student attitudes towards learning make a real difference.  These can be thought of as the answers to two questions:  Is the material of practical value to the learner personally?  Is the material something that the learner is likely to be able to grasp given the help and tools available?  Over 20 years of college and technical instruction provides tools to effectively engage learners.  

Remote or in person support?

Remote support